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song contest: part 2

Nominations are now closed for the contest with a grand total of 61 submissions! Feel free to check out the songs through the youtube playlist below, or the individual links under the cut.
♪~♪ click above for youtube playlist ♪~♪

01. A Good Man
02. Cafe
03. Ego
04. Feeling
05. Fool
06. Foolish love
07. I don't understand

08. After you fall asleep (ft. Swings)
09. Let go
10. Love you to death
11. Make love
12. Sinner
13. Superstar

14. But I love you
15. Hello (ft. Dara)
16. Missing you (ft. Kim Yoon-ah)
17. Runaway
18. Shake the world
19. What do you want

20. Act like nothing's wrong
21. Of all days
22. Oh Mom

23. Sunny Hill (D.A.I cover)
24. Dress

25. Come to my
26. Feelings painted in the sky*
27. Love Box

28. Intro

29. Baby I miss you
30. Good to you
31. I'm busy
32. In the club
33. Love is ouch
34. Stay together

Park Bom
35. Protect the small basics
as featuring:
36. Along my way (Red Roc ft. Park Bom)
37. Baby boy (Lexy ft. Park Bom)

CL + Minzy
38. Please don't go

39. MTBD

40. Please go away
41. With flowers

42. In my eyes (ft. Lee Jaehoon)
43. Passionate Goodbye (ft. Sung Sikyung)

Epik High
44. You don't deserve her (ft. Gaeko)
45. Home (ft. Lee Sora)
46. From the bottom (ft. Bumkey)
47. Tide

Lee Hi
48. Fool
49. Special (ft. Jennie Kim)
50. Turn it up

Akdong Musician
51. Don't hate me
52. Little Star

53. But
54. Different
55. Don't flirt

56. Smile, My Love (with Lee Juk)

57. Confession

58. BE I

59. GO
60. Raise your guard and Bounce
61. YGGR#Hip Hop

*removed from voting bc it has an mv

For voting: you have 100 points to distribute freely among the songs of your choice. Ofc, you can also choose to give all 100 points to one song. Indicate the number of points you'd like to give each song in the box beside it. For those you're not giving points to, you don't have to put a zero, just leave it blank c:
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