Someone wrote in [personal profile] ygmeme 2014-11-23 02:18 pm (UTC)

on one hand i'm glad hongseok wasn't added in winner. but only because him being added would mean that winner would have lost win and they're a lot older than team b so their chances of debuting then would be really slim ;;

but if another reality winner was in mix and match hongseok would have fit in so well! i think winners genre hopping would suit him more, and yeah i think ksy would be a lot more considerate of making him look good in their songs, whereas b.i was always waiting for him to catch up. and the fact he's younger than everyone but taehyun would make it a lot less awkward since he'd be maknae :3 not to mention he'd really up their vocal line and his voice would be a great bridge from seungyoon to taehyun and jinwoo's higher ones

this actually reminds me of how an anon in the last part was talking about ppl thinking ksy would be better as an ikon member. hongseok is a perfect example of why that wouldn't work

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