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ygmeme ([personal profile] ygmeme) wrote2016-01-30 08:05 pm

part 3


we made it

ip logging is off / anon is on
no porn pictures / videos / links
no giant picspams / gifspams / gore
do whatever the hell else you want!

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(Anonymous) 2016-01-30 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)
yay part 3 \o/


looking at the dates on the teaser videos, i'm suspecting the cover project to be a last minute thing bc pricked didn't do so well
yoon's teaser was the best one for me, i need a fic based on this

(Anonymous) 2016-01-30 01:35 pm (UTC)(link)
\o/ hopefully this part won't take till 2018 to finish

idk how they expected pricked to be received... i really like it but it's not strong enough to stand on its own. if it was a random track on a full album, i would love it, but it's too bare to be a single

taehyun's teaser is my fav because of the editing, i love how it matches up with the music *_* anon that's exactly what i've been wishing and praying for... this concept is perfect for aus and i hope fic writers get inspired, but i don't wanna get my hopes up because you know how it is with yg ficdom ;_;